Central Division of Fiji

Central Division of Fiji had 5 provinces:

1-Naitasiri province
Naitasiri covers an area of 1,666 square kilometers (643.25 Square Miles), and occupies the area mostly to the north of Suva, the capital. Its boundaries stretches across Viti Levu

2-Namosi province
Namosi is one of Fiji's fourteen provinces and one of eight based in Viti Levu, the largest island. Located to the west of Suva

3-Rewa province
Rewa is a province of Fiji. With a land area of 272 square kilometers (the smallest of Fiji's provinces)
The province comprises nine tikina (or districts):
- Rewa
- Noco
- Dreketi
- Burebasaga
- Toga
- Vutia
- Raviravi
- Sawau
- Suva (Capital City of Fiji, Suva is the capital and the second most populated municipality of Fiji

4-Serua province
Serua is one of Fiji's fourteen Provinces. Its 830 square kilometers occupy the southernmost areas of Viti Levu, being one of 8 provinces based on Fiji's largest island
Serua includes Nuku District and three non-contiguous pieces of Serua District, all separated by Nuku.

5-Tailevu province
Tailevu is one of the 14 provinces of Fiji. One of eight Provinces based in Viti Levu, Fiji's largest island, its 755 square kilometers occupy the south-eastern fringe of the island
The main urban area of Tailevu is Nausori
Tailevu includes the districts of Bau, Nakelo, Verata, Wainibuka, and Sawakasa. Bau District includes Bau Island

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