Namosi Province (Central Division)

Namosi Province

Namosi province has about 1,725 families. Located to the west of Suva, on the main thoroughfare to Suva and Lautoka ports, it is also served by major roads networks.

The province contains another of Fiji's "salad bowls" and is abundant in taro, kava, and a host of other produce, fabulous vistas, as well as abundant copper, gold and other minerals.

Namosi covers about 570 square kilometers and the 2007 census recorded a population of about 6,900. Its major town is Navua less than an hour's drive from Suva.

Here is a summary of the 5 districts. Village details and their 'ai cavuti' or titles follow:

Namosi has 5 Districts and 28 Villages:

Namosi District has 6 villages:

  1. Namosi
  2. Navunibau
  3. Navuniyasitu
  4. Narukunibua
  5. Waivaka
  6. Naduruyasi

Wainikoroiluva District has 5 villages:

  1. Wainikoroiluva
  2. Nukusere
  3. Nakavika
  4. Navunikabi
  5. Saliyadrau

Veinuqa District has 6 villages:1

  1. Nasoqo
  2. Wainilotulevu
  3. Korovou
  4. Wainiyavu
  5. Burotu
  6. Vunidavo

Naqarawai District has 3 villages:

  1. Naqarawai
  2. Wainimakutu
  3. Naraiyawa

Veivatuloa District has 8 villages:

  1. Veivatuloa
  2. Mau
  3. Nabukavesi
  4. Qilai
  5. Navunisoco
  6. Lobau
  7. Namelimeli
  8. Nakavu
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