Serua Province (Central Division)

Serua Province

Serua has about 4,560 families, contains the Pacific Harbour tourism complex and is governed by a provincial council.

It is served by major roads networks and the province is abundant in coconuts, taro, kava, timber and a host of other agricultural produce and dairy farms.

The province covers about 830 square kilometers and the 2007 census recorded a population of about 18,250.

Here is a summary of the districts in Serua, with village details and their 'ai cavuti' or titles following:

Serua has 4 District and 24 Villages:

Serua District has 9 villages:

  1. Serua
  2. Navutulevu
  3. Nabukelevu
  4. Nabotini
  5. Namaqumaqua
  6. Vunaniu
  7. Korovisilou
  8. Yanuca
  9. Culanuku

Deuba District has 4 villages:

  1. Sadro
  2. Nasavu
  3. Saniveiuto
  4. Vunibau

Nuku District has 6 villages:

  1. Nuku
  2. Waibogi
  3. Wainadiro
  4. Masi
  5. Naimasimasi
  6. Sabata

Batiwai District has 5 villages:

  1. Galoa
  2. Nakorovou
  3. Dranikula
  4. Wainiyabia
  5. Qarasau
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