Kadavu Province (Eastern Division)

Kadavu Province

Kadavu province lies about 80 kilometers to the south of Suva. The Kadavu archipelago comprises the islands of Kadavu - about 420 square kilometers - Ono, Galoa, Dravuni, Buliya, and a few smaller islets.

Kadavu province has about 2,550 families and is served by an airport and shipping links. The province is abundant in rainforests, agriculture and eco-tourism potential.

The 2007 census recorded a population of about 10,200. Vunisea is the main trading station where a wharf, airport, government station and hospital is located.

Here is a summary of the 9 districts with village details and their 'ai cavuti' or titles following.

Kadavu Province has 9 districts and 75 villages:

Tavuki District has 11 villages:

  1. Tavuki
  2. Baidamudamu
  3. Nukunuku
  4. Nagonedau
  5. Solodamu
  6. Natumua
  7. Waisomo
  8. Namuana
  9. Namalata
  10. Galoa1
  11. Cevai

Ravitaki District has 7 villages:

  1. Wailevu
  2. Mokoisa
  3. Muani
  4. Ravitaki
  5. Solovola
  6. Matanuku
  7. Nasegai

Sanima District has 5 villages:2

  1. Drue
  2. Navuatu
  3. Naikorokoro
  4. Namara
  5. Mataso

Nabukelevu District has 11 villages:

  1. Daviqele
  2. Dagai
  3. Talaulia
  4. Lomati
  5. Nabukelevuira
  6. Qalira
  7. Nasau
  8. Kabariki
  9. Levuka
  10. Muaninuku
  11. Tabuya

Yawe District has 6 villages:

  1. Nalotu
  2. Natokalau
  3. Korovou
  4. Yakita
  5. Naqalotu
  6. Tawava

Naceva District now has 12 villages with the reversion of Naivakarauniniu:

  1. Soso
  2. Vukavu
  3. Kadavu
  4. Jioma
  5. Niudua
  6. Nacomoto
  7. Dravuwalu
  8. Muanisolo
  9. Vunisei
  10. Daku3
  11. Yavitu
  12. Naivakarauniniu

Yale District has 5 villages:

  1. Rakiraki
  2. Gasele
  3. Nauciwai
  4. Levuka
  5. Naioti

Nakasaleka District has 11 villages:

  1. Nakoronawa
  2. Lomanikoro
  3. Nakaunakoro
  4. Nakaugasele
  5. Kavala
  6. Lawaki
  7. Solotavui
  8. Tiliva
  9. Matasawalevu
  10. Nukuvou
  11. Vacalea

Ono District has 7 villages:

  1. Vabea
  2. Waisomo
  3. Narikoso
  4. Naqara
  5. Nabouwalu - Title "Naturu na Turaga na Roko Vaka" -->
  6. Buliya
  7. Dravuni

1Galoa on the south-side of the island offers long stretches of beaches ideal for a dive-based resort. Incidentally, it is within a 10-minute boat ride to the Great Astrolabe Reef. Interested parties are urged to make contact for further information.

2Sanima used to have 6 villages, until 2010 when the village of Naivakarauniniu decided to realign itself with its former district of Naceva. This was discussed and agreed at the village, district and provincial levels.

3Daku village on the northern side of the island has another beautiful stretch of beach also ideal for resorts. Sunken reefs provide excellent diving prospects. Interested parties are asked to make contact.

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